An exiled True Legend.. I-Graw won the 2nd “Great Legendary War” but Oracle saw straight through this warrior’s evil intent to use his brothers to take over both the Legend and Human Realms. The two engaged in an “Omnikye”; a War to diminish any True Legend’s right to remain above the surface until the next “Great Legendary War”. I-Graw lost the War against Oracle which lasted 12 days and 11 nights.. Each millennia he awaits his brother Oracle’s return with a new True Legend for a fight to regain his freedom and break this never ending curse of being locked away. I-Graw uses a forbidden art which allows him to maneuver swords through thin air without touching them. Each fight he must defeat each True Legend to unbind Oracle’s strain against him, but every millennia... I-Graw grows stronger, and dives deeper into the darkness he resides in.